Home Staging – Tips For Decorating a Small Apartment

You might have gotten a small apartment because you could only afford a tiny place, or because it was the most conveniently located, or for some other reason. Now you are faced with decorating it. You don’t have to think small, though. Here are some fun tips you can use to decorate your small space and love it.

1. You don’t have to sacrifice looks for features. When you are dealing with a small space you should definitely make sure that you are buying things that will be useful, but you can still make sure they are fun and match your style.

2. To create the appearance of multiple rooms in a studio apartment, you can buy a screen or set up an open set of shelving between the areas. Between the kitchen and the dining area, you can roll in a rolling island or buffet. The item you choose will not block off the view of the rest of the room, but it does present a mental barricade so you feel that they are unique rooms with distinct purposes. Plus, the divider means you can take advantage of a practical item to increase storage space. You may even find that your productivity improves thanks to separate “rooms”.

3. Multipurpose furniture can help, too. Ottomans that are hollow inside allow you to store things. Tables with leaves allow you to expand the dining area when guests come over, but fold down to give you space the rest of the time. Even a window sill can double as a shelf when you need it. You can also tuck storage into blank areas on the wall or try a corner unit that won’t intrude into the room but still give you that extra space you really need in a small apartment. This also lets you go up with your space when you can’t go out into the room.

4. Think about using a Murphy bed. These fun beds fold up into the wall and out of the way during the day. Your apartment can shift from home office to peaceful respite in a jiffy. And, unlike cartoons of yore, you can’t actually get folded up into it spontaneously.

5. Curvy furniture is great for small spaces, too, because it allows the eye to travel along and break up the cube space of the small apartment. They can lead to three-dimensional layers that add size when there isn’t any. Things like shadow boxes and plush throw rugs over wood floors create a lot of depth.

6. Light colors are bright and make a small space feel bigger. Using mirrors reflects light back into the room and it also allows for the space to feel bigger thanks to the images repeating in the mirrors. Bright colors can still be used, but save them for the furniture or accessories so they don’t end up looking like they completely took over the space.

7. Because of the small size, it is very important to keep clutter to a minimum. It doesn’t have as many places to live and so it is much more prevalent. Take the time every few months to clear out the clutter.
There you have it! Several fun ways to decorate your small apartment and have it look great – and remember these are just launching points. The sky is the limit!